国务院关于进一步优化外商投资环境加大吸引外商投资力度的意见 Opinions of the State Council on Further Optimizing the Environment for Foreign Investment and Increasing the Efforts to Attract Foreign Investment

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国务院关于进一步优化外商投资环境加大吸引外商投资力度的意见Opinions of the State Council on Further Optimizing the Environment for Foreign Investment and Increasing the Efforts to Attract Foreign Investment
[Promulgation Date] 2023-7-25
[Issuance number] Guo Fa [2023] No. 11
People’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all ministries and commissions under the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council:
Actively attracting and utilizing foreign investment is an important part of promoting high-level opening up and building a new system of open economy. In order to further optimize the foreign investment environment, improve the level of investment promotion, and increase the efforts to attract foreign investment, the following opinions are put forward.
I. General Requirements
Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, better coordinate the two overall domestic and international situations, create a market-oriented, rule of law, international first-class business environment, give full play to China’s super-large market advantages, more vigorously and effectively attract and utilize foreign investment, and contribute to promoting high-level opening up and building a socialist modern country in an all-round way.
二、提高利用外资质量II. Improving the Quality of Foreign Capital Utilization
(一)加大重点领域引进外资力度。支持外商投资在华设立研发中心,与国内企业联合开展技术研发和产业化应用,鼓励外商投资企业及其设立的研发中心承担重大科研攻关项目。在符合有关法律法规的前提下,加快生物医药领域外商投资项目落地投产,鼓励外商投资企业依法在境内开展境外已上市细胞和基因治疗药品临床试验,优化已上市境外生产药品转移至境内生产的药品上市注册申请的申报程序。支持先进制造、现代服务、数字经济等领域外商投资企业与各类职业院校(含技工院校)、职业培训机构开展职业教育和培训。(1) Strengthen the introduction of foreign capital in key areas.Support foreign-invested enterprises to set up R&D centers in China, jointly carry out technology R&D and industrial application with domestic enterprises, and encourage foreign-invested enterprises and their established R&D centers to undertake major scientific research projects.Under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, accelerate the implementation of foreign-invested projects in the field of biomedicine, encourage foreign-invested enterprises to carry out clinical trials of overseas marketed cell and gene therapy drugs in accordance with the law, and optimize the application procedures for the listing and registration of drugs that have been transferred from overseas production to domestic production.Support foreign-invested enterprises in advanced manufacturing, modern services, digital economy and other fields to carry out vocational education and training with various vocational colleges (including technical colleges) and vocational training institutions.
(二)发挥服务业扩大开放综合试点示范引领带动作用。对接国际高标准经贸规则,加大服务业扩大开放综合试点示范先行先试力度。鼓励开展知识产权、股权及相关实体资产组合式质押融资,支持规范探索知识产权证券化。有序增加股权投资和创业投资份额转让试点地区。稳妥增加国内互联网虚拟专用网业务(外资股比不超过50%)、信息服务业务(仅限应用商店,不含网络出版服务)、互联网接入服务业务(仅限为用户提供互联网接入服务)等增值电信业务开放试点地区。(2) Give full play to the leading role of the comprehensive pilot demonstration of the expansion and opening up of the service industry.In line with international high-standard economic and trade rules, we will strengthen the comprehensive pilot demonstration of expanding and opening up the service industry.Encourage the development of portfolio pledge financing for intellectual property, equity and related entity assets, and support the standardization and exploration of intellectual property securitization.An orderly increase in equity investment and venture capital share transfer pilot areas.Safely increase the pilot areas for value-added telecommunications services such as domestic Internet virtual private network business (foreign share ratio not exceeding 50%), information service business (application store only, excluding network publishing services), and Internet access service business (providing Internet access services to users only).
(三)拓宽吸引外资渠道。鼓励符合条件的外国投资者设立投资性公司、地区总部,相关投资性公司投资设立的企业,可按国家有关规定享受外商投资企业待遇。深入实施合格境外有限合伙人(QFLP)境内投资试点,建立健全QFLP外汇管理便利化制度,支持以所募的境外人民币直接开展境内相关投资。(3) Widen the channels for attracting foreign investment.Qualified foreign investors are encouraged to establish investment companies and regional headquarters, and enterprises invested and established by relevant investment companies may enjoy the treatment of foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with relevant national regulations.Deeply implement the domestic investment pilot of Qualified Foreign Limited Partners (QFLP), establish and improve the QFLP foreign exchange management facilitation system, and support the direct domestic investment with the raised overseas RMB.
(四)支持外商投资企业梯度转移。依托自由贸易试验区、国家级新区、国家级开发区等各类开放平台,鼓励东部地区与中西部和东北地区、沿边地区探索通过产值、利益等分享机制,结对开展产业转移协作。对在中国境内进行整体性梯度转移的外商投资企业,按照原所在地区已取得的海关信用等级实施监督。(4) Supporting the gradient transfer of foreign-invested enterprises.Relying on various open platforms such as free trade pilot zones, national-level new zones, and national-level development zones, we encourage the eastern region to explore industrial transfer and cooperation with the central and western regions, the northeast region, and the border region through production value and benefit sharing mechanisms.For foreign-invested enterprises carrying out overall gradient transfer within the territory of China, supervision shall be carried out in accordance with the customs credit rating already obtained in the original region.
(五)完善外资项目建设推进机制。健全重大和重点外资项目工作专班机制,加强要素支撑、政策支持和服务保障,推动外资项目早签约、早落地、早开工、早投产。出台促进绿色电力消费政策措施,支持外商投资企业更多参与绿证交易和跨省跨区绿色电力交易。(5) Improve the promotion mechanism for the construction of foreign-funded projects.Improve the special working group mechanism for major and key foreign-funded projects, strengthen factor support, policy support and service guarantee, and promote the early signing, early landing, early start of construction, and early start of production of foreign-funded projects.Introduce policies and measures to promote green power consumption, and support foreign-invested enterprises to participate more in green certificate transactions and inter-provincial and inter-district green power transactions.
三、保障外商投资企业国民待遇III. Guaranteeing the National Treatment of Foreign-invested Enterprises
(六)保障外商投资企业依法参与政府采购活动。尽快出台相关政策措施,进一步明确“中国境内生产”的具体标准。研究创新合作采购方式,通过首购订购等措施,支持外商投资企业在我国创新研发全球领先产品。推动加快修订政府采购法。开展保障经营主体公平参与政府采购活动专项检查,依法查处对外商投资企业实行差别待遇等违法违规行为,适时通报典型案例。外商投资企业如认为政府采购活动使其权益受到损害,可依规提起质疑和投诉,各级财政部门应依法受理并公平处理。(6) To ensure that foreign-invested enterprises participate in government procurement activities in accordance with the law.Relevant policies and measures will be introduced as soon as possible to further clarify the specific standards for “domestic production in China”.Research and innovate cooperative procurement methods, and support foreign-invested enterprises to innovate and develop world-leading products in China through initial ordering and other measures.Promote the acceleration of the revision of the government procurement law.Carry out special inspections to ensure the fair participation of business entities in government procurement activities, investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations such as differential treatment for foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the law, and timely notify typical cases.If a foreign-invested enterprise believes that its rights and interests have been harmed by government procurement activities, it may file challenges and complaints in accordance with the regulations, and financial departments at all levels shall accept and deal with them fairly in accordance with the law.
(七)支持外商投资企业依法平等参与标准制定工作。推进标准制定、修订全过程信息公开,保障外商投资企业与内资企业依法平等参加标准化技术委员会及标准制定工作。鼓励外商投资企业自行制定或与其他企业联合制定企业标准,开展标准化服务。在服务业扩大开放综合试点示范地区推进国家级服务业标准化试点。(7) Supporting foreign-invested enterprises to participate in the formulation of standards on an equal footing in accordance with the law.Promote the disclosure of information throughout the standard formulation and revision process, and ensure that foreign-invested enterprises and domestic-funded enterprises participate in the standardization technical committee and standard formulation work in accordance with the law.Foreign-invested enterprises are encouraged to formulate their own or jointly with other enterprises to formulate enterprise standards and carry out standardized services.Promote national service industry standardization pilots in comprehensive pilot demonstration areas for the expansion and opening up of the service industry.
(八)确保外商投资企业平等享受支持政策。各地出台的支持产业发展、扩大内需等政策,除法律法规有明确规定或涉及国家安全领域外,不得通过限定品牌或以外资品牌为由排斥或歧视外商投资企业及其产品和服务,不得对外商投资企业及其产品和服务享受政策设置额外条件。(8) Ensure that foreign-invested enterprises have equal access to support policies.Policies issued by various localities to support industrial development and expand domestic demand shall not exclude or discriminate against foreign-invested enterprises and their products and services on the grounds of limited brands or foreign-funded brands, except for those clearly stipulated by laws and regulations or involving the field of national security, and shall not set additional conditions for the enjoyment of policies for foreign-invested enterprises and their products and services.
四、持续加强外商投资保护IV. Continuously Strengthening the Protection of Foreign Investment
(九)健全外商投资权益保护机制。完善国际投资争端应对工作机制,压实主体责任,强化争端预防,妥善处理国际投资争端。坚决打击通过网络发布、传播虚假不实和侵权信息等侵害外商投资合法权益的恶意炒作行为,依法严肃查处相关责任机构和责任人。建立健全省级外商投资企业投诉协调工作机制,推动解决涉及多部门事项或政策性、制度性问题。(9) Improve the mechanism for protecting the rights and interests of foreign investors.Improve the working mechanism for dealing with international investment disputes, compact the main responsibilities, strengthen dispute prevention, and properly handle international investment disputes.Resolutely crack down on malicious speculation that infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment, such as publishing and disseminating false, false and infringing information through the Internet, and seriously investigate and punish relevant responsible institutions and persons in accordance with the law.Establish and improve the complaint coordination mechanism for foreign-invested enterprises at the provincial level, and promote the resolution of multi-departmental matters or policy and institutional issues.
(十)强化知识产权行政保护。完善专利侵权纠纷行政裁决制度,加大行政裁决执行力度。支持各地区依托展会知识产权工作站,受理参展产品版权、专利、商标等知识产权申请,提供有效预防侵权措施。加强药品和医用耗材采购领域知识产权保护,企业参加采购活动须自主承诺不存在违反专利法等法律法规的情形。对涉及知识产权纠纷的产品,有关部门要加强沟通会商,依法依规开展采购活动;对经知识产权部门行政裁决或人民法院生效判决认定为专利侵权的产品,及时采取不予采购、取消中选资格等措施。(10) Strengthen the administrative protection of intellectual property rights.Improve the system of administrative adjudication of patent infringement disputes and strengthen the implementation of administrative adjudication.Support regions to rely on exhibition intellectual property workstations to accept applications for intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks of exhibited products, and provide effective measures to prevent infringement.Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the field of procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical consumables. Enterprises must voluntarily undertake not to violate laws and regulations such as the Patent Law when participating in procurement activities.For products involving intellectual property disputes, the relevant departments shall strengthen communication and consultation, and carry out procurement activities in accordance with laws and regulations; for products identified as patent infringement by the administrative decision of the intellectual property department or the effective judgment of the people’s court, timely measures such as not purchasing and canceling the selection qualification shall be taken.
(十一)加大知识产权行政执法力度。坚决打击侵犯外商投资企业知识产权行为,针对跨区域、链条化侵权违法行为开展专项执法行动。健全知识产权快速协同保护机制,对事实清楚、证据确凿的案件依法加快办理进度,建立完善线上线下一体化执法机制,适当简化程序性要求。(11) Strengthen the administrative enforcement of intellectual property rights.Resolutely crack down on the infringement of intellectual property rights of foreign-invested enterprises, and carry out special law enforcement actions against cross-regional and chain-based infringement.Improve the mechanism of rapid and coordinated protection of intellectual property rights, speed up the handling of cases with clear facts and solid evidence in accordance with the law, establish and improve the mechanism of online and offline integrated law enforcement, and appropriately simplify procedural requirements.
(十二)规范涉外经贸政策法规制定。制定各类涉外经贸政策措施应注重增强透明度和可预期性,依法听取外商投资企业意见,新出台政策措施应合理设置过渡期。(12) Regulate the formulation of foreign-related economic and trade policies and regulations.The formulation of various foreign-related economic and trade policies and measures should focus on enhancing transparency and predictability, and listen to the opinions of foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the law. The newly introduced policies and measures should reasonably set a transition period.
五、提高投资运营便利化水平V. Improving the level of investment operation facilitation
(十三)优化外商投资企业外籍员工停居留政策。持续优化入出境政策措施,为外商投资企业的外籍高管、技术人员本人及家属提供入出境、停居留便利。指导我驻重点引资国家或地区使领馆继续为跨国公司高管申请签证提供便利,通过驻外经商机构及时宣介我入境政策。为符合条件的外商投资企业聘雇并推荐的外籍高级管理、技术人才申请永久居留提供便利。提高外国人永久居留身份证在公共交通、金融服务、医疗保障、互联网支付等场景应用便利度。(13) Optimize the residence policy for foreign employees of foreign-invested enterprises.Continuously optimize the entry and exit policies and measures, and provide foreign executives and technical personnel of foreign-invested enterprises and their families with the convenience of entry, exit, and stay.Guide our embassies and consulates in key countries or regions to continue to facilitate the application of visas for executives of multinational companies, and promptly announce our entry policy through foreign business institutions.To facilitate the application for permanent residence of qualified foreign-invested enterprises employing and recommending foreign senior management and technical personnel.Improve the convenience of the application of foreigners’ permanent residence ID cards in public transportation, financial services, medical insurance, Internet payment and other scenarios.
(十四)探索便利化的数据跨境流动安全管理机制。落实网络安全法、数据安全法、个人信息保护法等要求,为符合条件的外商投资企业建立绿色通道,高效开展重要数据和个人信息出境安全评估,促进数据安全有序自由流动。支持北京、天津、上海、粤港澳大湾区等地在实施数据出境安全评估、个人信息保护认证、个人信息出境标准合同备案等制度过程中,试点探索形成可自由流动的一般数据清单,建设服务平台,提供数据跨境流动合规服务。(14) Explore a facilitated security management mechanism for cross-border data flows.Implement the requirements of the Cybersecurity Law, the Data Security Law, the Personal Information Protection Law, etc., establish a green channel for qualified foreign-invested enterprises, efficiently carry out the exit security assessment of important data and personal information, and promote the safe, orderly and free flow of data.Support Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and other places in the implementation of data exit security assessment, personal information protection certification, personal information exit standard contract filing and other systems, pilot exploration to form a free flow of general data list, build a service platform, and provide data cross-border flow compliance services.
(十五)统筹优化涉外商投资企业执法检查。统筹推进“双随机、一公开”监管与信用风险分类管理,对信用风险低的外商投资企业进一步降低抽查比例和频次。支持有条件的地区统筹安全生产、环境保护、产品质量等涉企执法检查事项,实现“进一次门、查多项事”。(15) Coordinate and optimize law enforcement inspections of foreign-invested enterprises.Coordinate and promote “double random, one public” supervision and credit risk classification management, and further reduce the proportion and frequency of spot checks for foreign-invested enterprises with low credit risk.Support qualified areas to coordinate work safety, environmental protection, product quality and other enterprise-related law enforcement inspections, and achieve “one door at a time, check multiple things”.
(十六)完善外商投资企业服务保障。建立健全外商投资企业圆桌会议制度。各级重大和重点外资项目工作专班建立健全联动协调机制,及时协调解决项目签约、建设、投产中遇到的困难和问题。做好自由贸易协定原产地证书签证工作,为外商投资企业享受关税减免政策提供便利。(16) Improve the service guarantee for foreign-invested enterprises.Establish and improve the roundtable system for foreign-invested enterprises.Major and key foreign-funded project work classes at all levels have established and improved the linkage and coordination mechanism to timely coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in project signing, construction and production.Do a good job in the visa work of the certificate of origin of the free trade agreement, and provide convenience for foreign-invested enterprises to enjoy the tariff reduction and exemption policy.
六、加大财税支持力度VI. Increasing fiscal and tax support
(十七)强化外商投资促进资金保障。通过中央外经贸发展专项资金统筹加大对外资标志性项目的支持力度,促进项目尽快落地实施。完善地方各级政府外商投资促进资金使用,加大重点产业链引资服务力度。支持各地区在法定权限范围内对重点跨国公司的投资项目给予支持。(17) Strengthen the protection of funds for the promotion of foreign investment.Through the central government’s special fund for foreign economic and trade development, we will increase support for landmark projects with foreign capital, and promote the implementation of projects as soon as possible.Improve the use of foreign investment promotion funds by local governments at all levels, and increase the introduction of investment services in key industrial chains.Support the investment projects of key multinational companies in each region within the scope of statutory authority.
(十八)鼓励外商投资企业境内再投资。落实外国投资者境内取得利润再投资暂不征收预提所得税政策,加大宣传辅导力度,指导地方各级商务、税务等部门细化政策适用范围、申报材料、办理程序,做好具体实施工作。(18) Encourage foreign-invested enterprises to reinvest in China.Implement the policy of temporarily exempting foreign investors from withholding income tax on profits re-invested in China, increase publicity and counseling, guide local commerce, taxation and other departments at all levels to refine the scope of application of the policy, application materials, handling procedures, and do a good job in specific implementation.
(十九)落实外商投资企业相关税收优惠政策。辅导帮助外籍个人按照国家有关规定享受住房补贴、语言训练费、子女教育费等津补贴免税优惠政策。指导帮助外资研发中心按照国家有关规定享受支持科技创新进口税收政策和采购国产设备增值税退税政策。(19) Implement relevant tax preferential policies for foreign-invested enterprises.Counseling helps foreign individuals enjoy tax exemption and preferential policies for subsidies such as housing subsidies, language training fees, and children’s education fees in accordance with relevant state regulations.Guide and help foreign-funded R&D centers to enjoy the import tax policy supporting scientific and technological innovation and the VAT refund policy for procurement of domestic equipment in accordance with relevant national regulations.
(二十)支持外商投资企业投资国家鼓励发展领域。支持各地区在法定权限范围内,对符合鼓励外商投资产业目录规定的外商投资企业实施配套奖励措施。做好鼓励类外商投资项目进口设备免税工作有关配套政策措施落实。(20) Support foreign-invested enterprises to invest in areas where the state encourages development.Support regions to implement supporting incentives for foreign-invested enterprises that meet the requirements of the Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment within the scope of statutory authority.The implementation of supporting policies and measures related to the tax exemption of imported equipment for encouraged foreign investment projects.
七、完善外商投资促进方式VII. Improving foreign investment promotion methods
(二十一)健全引资工作机制。开展“投资中国年”系列活动,持续打造“投资中国”品牌,建立健全工作机制,指导服务地方开展外商投资促进工作。鼓励有条件的地区与相关国家或地区建立投资促进合作机制,采取多种形式构建投资促进平台。鼓励各地区探索对外商投资促进部门和团队的非公务员、非事业编制岗位实行更加有效灵活的用人机制和薪酬制度,通过跨地区跨层级跨部门调剂等方式,加强外商投资促进人员配备,加快建立多元化外商投资促进工作体系,推动形成政府、引资机构、商协会、中介机构、产业链龙头企业等多方参与、灵活高效的外商投资促进协调联动机制。(21) Improve the working mechanism for attracting investment.Carry out the series of activities of the “Year of Investment in China”, continue to build the “Investment in China” brand, establish and improve the working mechanism, and guide and serve local governments to carry out foreign investment promotion.Encourage qualified regions to establish investment promotion cooperation mechanisms with relevant countries or regions, and build investment promotion platforms in various forms.Encourage all regions to explore more effective and flexible employment mechanisms and remuneration systems for non-civil servants and non-profit staffing positions in foreign investment promotion departments and teams, strengthen foreign investment promotion staffing through cross-regional, cross-level and cross-departmental transfers, accelerate the establishment of a diversified foreign investment promotion work system, and promote the formation of a multi-party, flexible and efficient foreign investment promotion coordination mechanism involving the government, investment promotion agencies, business associations, intermediaries, and leading enterprises in the industrial chain.
(二十二)便利境外投资促进工作。支持各地区投资促进团组常态化赴境外开展招商引资、参会参展等活动,邀请外商来华投资洽谈。对重大和重点外资项目,按工作需要为项目相关外方人员签发多次往返商务签证。(22) Facilitate overseas investment promotion. Support regional investment promotion groups to regularly carry out overseas investment promotion, participation in exhibitions and other activities, and invite foreign investors to come to China for investment negotiations.For major and key foreign-funded projects, issue multiple round-trip business visas for relevant foreign personnel according to work needs.
(二十三)拓展外商投资促进渠道。加强我使领馆与驻在国家或地区重点企业的联系,宣介中国投资机遇。支持各地区加强与商务部、中国贸促会驻外经贸和投资促进机构的沟通,更好发挥本地区设立在境外的投资促进机构(代表处)作用,强化与境外经贸和投资促进机构的联系合作。(23) Expand foreign investment promotion channels. Strengthen the ties between our embassies and consulates and key enterprises stationed in countries or regions to promote investment opportunities in China.Support regions to strengthen communication with the Ministry of Commerce and CCPIT’s overseas economic, trade and investment promotion agencies, give better play to the role of investment promotion agencies (representative offices) established overseas in the region, and strengthen contact and cooperation with overseas economic, trade and investment promotion agencies.
(二十四)优化外商投资促进评价。建立健全外商投资促进成效评价体系,注重引资对经济社会发展的实际贡献,防止简单以引资规模和实际到资金额统计数据作为考核和相关企业、人员奖惩的依据,切实防止外商投资促进“注水”造假和恶性竞争行为。(24) Optimize the evaluation of foreign investment promotion. Establish and improve the evaluation system for the effectiveness of foreign investment promotion, pay attention to the actual contribution of investment promotion to economic and social development, prevent simple statistical data on the scale of investment promotion and the actual amount of funds from being used as the basis for assessment and rewards and punishments for relevant enterprises and personnel, and effectively prevent foreign investment promotion of “water injection” counterfeiting and vicious competition.
八、加强组织实施VIII. Strengthening organizational implementation
各地区、各部门和有关单位要坚决落实党中央、国务院决策部署,提高政治站位,切实做好进一步优化外商投资环境、加大吸引外商投资力度工作,全力实现利用外资促稳提质目标。鼓励各地区因地制宜出台配套举措,增强政策协同效应。商务部要会同有关部门和单位加强指导协调,做好政策宣介,及时落实政策措施,为外国投资者营造更加优化的投资环境,有效提振外商投资信心。All regions, departments and relevant units should resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, improve their political standing, do a good job in further optimizing the foreign investment environment, increase efforts to attract foreign investment, and make every effort to achieve the goal of using foreign capital to promote stability and improve quality.Encourage regions to introduce supporting measures according to local conditions to enhance policy synergies.The Ministry of Commerce should strengthen guidance and coordination with relevant departments and units, make policy publicity, implement policy measures in a timely manner, create a more optimized investment environment for foreign investors, and effectively boost foreign investment confidence.