Our team keeps expanding, here are just a few of our members:

Barry Wong, Founder, China Lawyer/ Hong Kong University Law Lecturer (Part-Time)/ Legal Translator (Chinese, English)
Sophie Liu, LLB; China Lawyer/Translator (Chinese, English)
Ed Cham, LLB, PCLL; Hong Kong Lawyer/Translator (Chinese, English)
J Chew, LLB; Malaysia and Hong Kong Lawyer (Chinese, English, Malaysian)
J Grimley, JD; US Lawyer; Legal Publisher and Writer (English)
Edmund Ng, LLB, PCLL, Experienced Legal Translator (Chinese, English)
T Fung, Experienced Legal Translator (Chinese, English)
Changye T, LLB, LLM, Experienced Legal Translator (Chinese, English)
Stephen L, BA, MSc, Dip in Law, Dip in Translation, Legal Translator/Editor (Chinese, English)
Nguyen Thi Binh, LLB, Vietnamese Lawyer/Translator (Vietnamese, English)
Geroge Ko, LLB, LLM; Taiwan Lawyer/Translator (Chinese, English)
Albert K, LLB, Korean Lawyer/Translator (Korean, English)
Patricia G, LLB, UK Lawyer/Editor (English)
Sam Fraser, BA, Editor/Translator, (English, Thai)
Sam Leung, Experienced Japanese Translator, BA, MA, Translator (Chinese, English, Japanese)
Eva Chan, Financial Advisor, Hong Kong CPA/Translator (Chinese, English)
Simon Lam, Technology Advisor, Tech Startup Founder