Certified Translation

At LawTranslate, we create accurate translations and can certify them either with our company’s letter head or show up before the notary public to guarantee the work are faithful translations of the original text. We can take this further to get the notarized copy to complete China attesting, apostille in Hong Kong or consulate legalization for mainland China and international use.

Types of Certified Translation
Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Divorce certificates
Death certificates
Contracts and agreements
Legal advice
Court orders
Notarial Certificates

Notary, Apostille, Legalization, China Attesting Services

Notarization means to witness signing of a document or administer the oath making and statutory declarations. Our notary public can help to notarize documents in Hong Kong and on mainland China.

If the receiving country or area is a party to the Hague Convention, you might need only an apostille, rather than consulate legalization. In Hong Kong, the High Court is responsible for carrying out the apostille.

If the receiving country or area is NOT a party to the Hague Convention, you will need a consulate legalization. We offer legalization services in Hong Kong and mainland China.

China Attesting Services
China Attesting service is needed if the documents are intended to be used in mainland China. China-Appointed Attesting Officers are qualified Hong Kong lawyers who have been appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People.