Company Formation

Are you looking to expand your business in mainland China or Hong Kong? LawTranslate can assist you in building business presence in these jurisdictions.

Hong Kong Company Formation
Below are some common types of business vehicles in Hong Kong.

  • Limited companies (by shares)
    Option for profit-making businesses
  • Limited companies (by guarantee)
    Charities, professional bodies and religious bodies tend to use this type of company.

-Unlimited companies (by shares)
Few will choose this

  • Sole proprietorships, General partnerships
    Unlimited liabilities but enjoy a lower profits tax rate and maintenance costs

-Hong Kong branch of a foreign company
Not a separate entity, the foreign company is fully responsible for all the obligations of the branch. An annual audit is not needed.

  • Representative office
    Can conduct only marketing and liaison activities.

Mainland China Company Formation
There are three company structures available to foreign investors:

-Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
the most popular company structure among foreign investors

-Joint Venture (JV)
owned and managed by both Chinese and foreign partners

-Representative Office (RO)
for market research and conducting business meetings