Ethiopia’s legal system

The legal system of Ethiopia is based on the civil law system and is largely based on legal codes and statutes. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution, which was adopted in 1995. The Constitution provides for a tripartite system of government, consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

The executive branch is headed by the Prime Minister and is responsible for implementing government policies and programmes. The legislative branch is made up of a unicameral House of People’s Representatives, which is responsible for enacting laws. The judicial branch also consists of courts and tribunals, which are responsible for interpreting and applying the laws.

The legal system of Ethiopia is largely codified in the Civil Code, the Penal Code, and the Commercial Code. Ethiopia also has a system of customary law, which is based primarily on the traditional norms and values of the different ethnic groups in the country.

The Ethiopian judicial system consists of the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal High Courts, the Regional Courts, the City Courts, the Woreda Courts, and the Community Courts. The Federal Supreme Court is the highest court in the land and has the exclusive power to interpret the Constitution. The Federal High Courts are specialized courts that deal with matters related to criminal, civil, and commercial law. The Regional Courts are responsible for dealing with matters related to land, marriage, and inheritance. The City Courts are responsible for dealing with criminal matters, while the Woreda Courts and Community Courts are responsible for dealing with minor criminal and civil matters.

The legal system of Ethiopia is based on the principles of equality before the law, fairness, and justice. The legal system is also based on the principle of due process, which ensures that all persons are treated fairly and have their rights respected. Additionally, the legal system of Ethiopia strives to protect the rights of all citizens and ensure justice is served.