Georgia’s legal system

The Georgia legal system is based on the common law system and consists of federal, state, and local courts. The state is divided into three levels of court: the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Court of Appeals of Georgia, and the Superior Courts.

The Supreme Court of Georgia is the highest court in the state and is responsible for hearing appeals from the lower courts. The court also sets the rules of procedure for other courts within the state.

The Court of Appeals of Georgia is the intermediate appellate court. It hears appeals from the Superior Courts, as well as certain other cases such as death penalty appeals.

The Superior Courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction. They are responsible for hearing criminal and civil cases, as well as any cases involving the state constitution. They also serve as the court of first instance for cases that are appealed to the Court of Appeals.

In addition to the state courts, there are also federal district courts in Georgia and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, which hears appeals from the district courts in the state.