Syria’s legal system

Syria’s legal system is based on a civil law system, which is derived from French and Ottoman laws and Islamic law. The Constitution of Syria provides the foundation for the legal system, and the country is divided into 14 governorates. Each governorate has its own court system, which is divided into civil and criminal courts. The Supreme Constitutional Court is the highest court in the country and is responsible for upholding the constitution and its laws.

The Syrian legal system has some unique features. For instance, it has a “family court” system that deals with matters such as marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance. Islamic law is applied in these matters, as Syria is largely a Muslim country. The country also has a special court system for terrorism-related cases.

Syria has a unified code of laws and regulations, which is enforced by the judicial system. Judges are appointed by the president, and there is no jury system in Syrian courts. The country also has a system of administrative courts, which deal with disputes between citizens and the government.