8 How can I pay?

We require an upfront payment from first-time clients. Long-term businesses can apply for our invoicing plan, which has a net payment period of 15 calendar days.

6 Is there a rush fee?

A rush fee will be specified in our quote for big and urgent works, as well as jobs that must be completed on weekends or holidays.

5 Who’s translating the documents?

Our translators reside on all seven continents! To provide the finest service possible, we carefully choose and screen our translators. Our translation community responds promptly to new tasks, ensuring that …

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3 What file types can you handle?

We accept files in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, PDF, Adobe design files, HTML, and others.

1 What is your pricing?

The actual quote might vary subject to a variety of factors such as word count, urgency, topic matter, style, purpose of usage, and file types. Please contact us for a …

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